Choosing Your Race Edit

Dwarves Edit

Dwarves most commonly inhabit the Crown of the World in the North. They can also be found among the Caerlon Peaks in the South. Dwarven smiths are renowned for being the only ones capable of producing iron or even better steel. Production of steel is a very closely guarded secret, and dwarves of Nevonde tend to be secretive and mistrusting. Dwarves do not tolerate magic users, but they do not believe magical arms and armor to fall under the same umbrella. As such, dwarven enchanters are celebrated among their people, not reviled.

Elves Edit

Elves can be found almost anywhere there are thick woods to call home. Elves are most commonly found in the Godewood or the Labrui forests in the South. Elves are natural magic users, and have a much higher percentage of magic users in their population (although still quite rare). Elves are rarely intolerant of magic, instead embracing their natural potency.

Elves generally have the "Elemental Resistance (Cold)" racial trait in place of the "Elven Immunities" racial trait.

Gnomes Edit

Gnomes of Nevonde hail from all lands and cultures. They live alongside dwarves, elves, and humans alike.

Gnomes do not possess the "Gnome Magic" racial trait (or any other racial trait that grants spell-like abilities), choose a different racial trait to replace it.

Halflings Edit

Halflings tend to live alongside humans in cities or rural communities. They tend to be most concentrated in the plains of the North and near Freelake.

Half-Orcs Edit

Half-orcs are barely tolerated by the other races, least of all dwarves and elves. Half-orcs are most often found in the Wildvale among either orcish or human barbarian tribes. In civilized lands, they can be found in the dregs of large cities, or as citizens of Pristine, where they are generally accepted.

Humans Edit

Humans are the most common race of Nevonde. They are extremely diverse in opinions and culture.

Other Races Edit

All other races are allowed excepting those listed below, although extremely uncommon. Races not listed here but have spell-like racial traits are also not allowed.

Unavailable Races Edit

  • Aasimar
  • Fetchling
  • Ifrit
  • Oread
  • Undine
  • Tiefling

Choosing Your Class Edit

Barbarian Edit

Barbarians are almost exclusively found in Wildvale. Wildvale barbarians are tribal, and most tribes have an animal totem. They revere ancestral and animal spirits, and while they fear most forms of magic, it is not uncommon for a tribe to contain a druid as the tribe's Landspeaker, which they tolerate.

Druid Edit

Druids can be found throughout Nevonde, however their highest concentrations are in the Wildvale (serving as Landspeakers) or in Elven woods such as Godewood. Druids are generally the most tolerated of all magic users, thanks to their healing and usually understated magic, but many still fear them just as much as any other magic user.

Fighter Edit

A common class throughout Nevonde, a fighter can be a soldier, a mercenary, a guard, or any combat-focused adventurer.

Magus Edit

Magi are martial and magical hybrids. In the harsh world of Nevonde, magical ability is often not enough to get by, especially when surrounded by those who do not understand it. This makes magi a relatively common form of magic user throughout Nevonde.

Monk Edit

Monks carefully walk the line between magical and martial ability. Some of the most intolerant (including the Church of the Archangel) may have an issue with the monks abilities, but many in Nevonde accept monks. Monks are usually found in secluded monasteries throughout Nevonde. There is a large order of monks known as the Heavenly Fists, which can be found in Pristine.

Ranger Edit

Rangers are also common throughout Nevonde (as one of the variant classes, see below). Rangers are excellent warriors that are well adapted to dealing with the harsh conditions of the wilderness. They can be found wherever there are people willing to brave travel in the frozen wasteland.

Rogue Edit

Rogues are generally found in large cities where there are enough people to swindle. Some rogues are also treasure hunters, exploring ancient ruins of the Warm World, looking for powerful artifacts or priceless treasures.

Scholar Edit

Scholars are explorers and sages, devoting their time to studying Nevonde, Frostborn, and especially the Warm World. They can be found in most cities, especially Pristine.

Shaman Edit

Shaman are mostly found in Wildvale, where they serve as Spiritcallers. They are not tolerated anywhere else in the world, except in some primitive monstrous humanoid cultures.

Sorcerer Edit

Sorcerers are those born with the innate ability to touch the magical forces and harness them to their will. Their stories are often sad ones, as most sorcerers who begin to have magical accidents when they are young are put to death before ever really being able to control their powers. Those that do learn to control their powers are often bitter about the secretive life they lead. Some are self-loathing and try to deny and ignore their powers.

Witch Edit

Witches are also fairly common in Nevonde. Most witches are corrupted spellcasters that have made pacts with Frostborn's minions, however there are some neutral or good witches that get their abilities from natural magical beings that still exist in Nevonde.

Wizard Edit

Wizards don't have innate talent in magic, but instead choose to study, learn, and practice magic. They are often older due to the length of time it takes to master magic. Wizards are exceedingly rare in Nevonde, as it is difficult to find a place and tutor willing to teach magic. Some cities have wizards that are willing to take on students. The only wizarding school that operates openly is the School of Magical Arts, located in Pristine.

Classes Only Available As Variants Edit

Unavailable Classes Edit

  • Alchemist
  • Antipaladin
  • Bard (the bardic music ability is available as a variant to other classes if desired)
  • Bloodrager
  • Cavalier
  • Cleric
  • Gunslinger
  • Hunter
  • Inquisitor
  • Investigator
  • Oracle
  • Paladin
  • Skald
  • Spritualist
  • Summoner
  • Warpriest

Playing a Magic User Edit

Choosing to play a magic user is not something that should be taken lightly. First of all, your character will usually need to hide their magical ability, for most people of Nevonde fear and loathe any sort of magic. Secondly, there are some rules changes around magic users that make them less powerful than you might be used to.

Spells Per Day Edit

All spellcasting classes (with the exception of the Wizard) get 1 less spell per day for each spell level. If this brings spells per day to 0, they do not get bonus spells of this level.

Caster Level Edit

Caster level remains the same as normal.

Hidden Spells Edit

At 2nd level, a magic-using class gains Silent Spell or Still Spell to reflect the necessity to hide their spells from the public eye.

Item Creation Feats Edit

All magical item creation has its XP cost doubled. Raw material cost may be adjusted higher too at the DM's discretion.

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