Overview Edit

The Church of the Archangel worships the Blessèd Archangel and works to aid his fight against Frostborn. The are intolerant of magic and take a very militant stance towards anything that implies a connection to Frostborn or his agents. The Church has a strong presence throughout Nevonde, and most people are either active members of the Church or unwilling to admit otherwise.

The Church is broken up into five official sects, each with differing opinions on how to best serve the Archangel's fight. It is not uncommon for them to squabble, although all are united in their desire to see Frostborn defeated and for the Archangel's holy light to shine and warm the land.

Sects Edit

Church of Cleansing Fire Edit

The Church of Cleansing Fire is the most common sect of the Church of the Archangel. Members of the Church of Cleansing Fire believe that fire is holy and a great weapon against Frostborn. They worship flames and the hearth.

Restorative Movement Edit

The Restorative Movement reveres the healing presence of the Blessèd Archangel. They are the least militant members of the Church, and their members believe that the Archangel's purpose is best served by doing good in day to day life.

The Archangel Guard Edit

The Archangel Guard actively pursues and destroys agents of Frostborn. They are the fist of the Church, and one of the reasons the Church is so prevalent throughout Nevonde. They are an army of believers spread throughout the nations, ready to mobilize against any threat to the Church or the Blessèd Archangel.

Unifiers Edit

The Unifiers are the evangelical portion of the Church. They believe that the Archangel and Frostborn receive their almighty powers through the strength of their followers and the fervency of their belief. They aim to convert the world to following the path of the Archangel and seek out any agents of Frostborn and bring them to justice.

University of Light Edit

The University of Light believes that the secrets of the Warm World are the key to defeating Frostborn. They seek to preserve and study history so that they may find the tools they need to best serve the Archangel.

Church of the Holy Gods Edit

The Church of the Holy Gods is the unofficial sixth sect of the Church. The Church vehemently opposes them and denies any association with The Church of the Holy Gods. Based in Pristine, The Church of the Holy Gods does not oppose magic, and believes that it is the path to defeating Frostborn.

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