Overview Edit

Frostborn is the name that most people in Nevonde give to the great evil the plagues the land. Frostborn is said to be a devil of great power. He and his minions are believed to be adept with the magical arts. Frostborn is said to be nearly all-powerful, only held in check by the benevolence of the Blessèd Archangel, whom Frostborn hates. Frostborn and the Blessèd Archangel have been locked in eternal conflict for all time.

No one has ever actually seen Frostborn (although a good number have tales of doing so), but the countless numbers of horrific demons and monstrosities that inhabit the wilds of Nevonde are said to be ample proof of his existence. These demons are also called "The Frostborn" by many.

Minions Edit

While nearly all manners of evil and strange creatures in Nevonde are attributed to Frostborn, there are several common types of evil creatures that scholars agree aren't of this world. Listed below are only a few of the many catalogued servants of Frostborn, but they are some of the most well known and feared.


Abyssal Larvae Edit

Abyssal Larvae (also called "Demon Slugs") are putrid, common slimes that roam the lands of Nevonde, looking for prey. Although not very dangerous to seasoned warriors on their own, Abyssal Larvae are often encountered in groups and can easily overwhelm even the most combat hardened verterans. Some think that all of Frostborn's minions are born of Abyssal Larvae.


Fevermouths Edit

Fevermouths are known to cause disease and despair wherever they are encountered. They can turn themselves invisible and float silently through the air. Those bitten go mad and hear evil voices speaking to them.

Corpseworms Edit

Corpse worms are snake-like demons that infest the bodies of the dead. The body appears to be alive while the demon inhabits it, and corpseworms are a cause for much mistrust in Nevonde. They are the reason that many cultures within Nevonde cremate their dead, especially at the insistence of the Church of Cleansing Fire.


Bearded Devils Edit

Bearded devils are some of the most dangerous common minions of Frostborn. They serve as Frostborn's shock troops and their bloodlust is legendary. A few times in history they have managed to organize themselves into an army, rallying behind one of Frostborn's generals, and have razed entire nations to the ground.

Demonbinding Edit

Demonbinding is the magical practice of summoning and pressing the minions of Frostborn to your will, or taking on aspects of Frostborn's minions. Nearly every culture of Nevonde reviles the practice, and its existence plays a large part in people's intolerance of magic in general. Not much is known about demonbinding other than it's corrupting influence on the caster.

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