Overview Edit

Korremar is a largely human nation with a moderate amount of dwarves and gnomes given its proximity to the Crown of the World . Korremar’s economy is largely sustained by trade between the dwarves of the Crown and the southern nation of Varnaskar . It’s largest city, Chimetonka , sits on the tip of the Mantee Peninsula.

History Edit

Korremar is one of Nevonde's oldest nations, and spanned a much larger area centuries ago. Founded by the great Warrior-King Khaled Osugan en-Kor, Korremar began as a small nation with good relations with the dwarves of the Crown to the north. Korremar supplied the dwarves with the region's plentiful lumber and furs, and in return received fine dwarven iron and steel, weapons far outstripping the stone and bronze counterparts available to most of the northern plains.

Osugan gathered an army in Korremar and armed them with the dwarven weapons. The armies of Osugan then proceeded to conquer most of the northlands, their empire stretching from modern day Dolagan to Coviety. Osugan's empire lasted for generations after his death, his sons and his sons' sons ruling in his stead in an unbroken line, until Garreth Osugan was assassinated before he could provide an heir. This prompted the Shattering of the North, as warlords in the region vied for power. The Shattering contributes to the current fractured state of the North (as compared to the South), and the current political scene. Dozens of small nations and municipalities fight for dominance, usually politically, although sometimes with outright warfare.

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