Overview Edit

Mahogan is a small nation in the center of the Northern Plains. It boasts mediocre farmland. Mahogan's main exports are lichen and berries. Mahogan is relatively politically insignificant. Very little traffic passes through Mahogan, most travellers opting to pass through Mineola or Goetzange instead.

History Edit

Mahogan didn't exist before the Korremar Empire. It consisted of tribes of hunter-gatherers or small independent settlements before Khaled Osugan en-Kor came with his armies to unite them. The people of Mahogan did not contest him and were absorbed into Korremar. During the Breaking of Korremar,

Mahogan was carved out by the warlord Leutwin Nevin, who declared himself king. Mahogan would continue to fight wars against Goetzange, Mineola, and Aralinn over the next generations. The people of Mahogan, with a reputation of being steadfast and stubborn, were never absorbed unlike some of the lesser nations. Mahogan is currently ruled by the Ormaz lineage

Culture Edit

The people of Mahogan are simple and do not like outsiders. They tolerate their neighbors and are not bullied by the stronger nations that surround them. Mahoganites tend to be superstitious. They are usually not overt members of The Church of the Archangel, but they are devout.

Settlements Edit

Regions Edit


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