Overview Edit

Telythe is a small city and capital of Mahogan. Telythe is the center of trade for Mahogan. Traders bring goods from throughout the kingdom to be traded to Mineola.

Notable NPCs Edit

Idris Ormaz Edit

King Idris' castle is located in Telythe. The main keep sits at the highest point of the city. The rest of the city proper surrounds its walls.

King Idris is known to be a fair and passive ruler. Taxes on Mahoganites are not harsh. Idris does not do much to disrupt the status quo, preferring to continue to quietly trade with Mineola and other nations.

Ty Tracy Edit

Ty Tracy is the leader of Telythe Trading Company. He organizes trading with the surrounding nation, gathering caravans of mercenaries, traders, and goods to be sent off to other kingdoms and cities. He's a rich man and quite influential. He does his job well and is liked in the city.

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